Deep Soil Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are great at hiding dirt, mostly because the dirt falls down to the base of the carpet and stays there. When you vacuum, you are only able to pull up the top layer or two of dirt. The rest of the soil stays deep at the bottom of the carpet.

If it is allowed to stay there, that dirt and grit will seriously shorten the life of your carpet. The grit will grind against the carpet fibers, wearing them away from the bottom up. In addition, it will catch odors and start to look generally dingy. Even if you vacuum your carpet every day, there is still dirt building up at the bottom of all the fibers and needing to be cleaned.

Here at Steam Pros, we can get up the deep soil in your carpets. Our specialized equipment gets the dirt up from the very base of the carpet without soaking the carpet or the carpet pad. We use a combination of highly effective pretreatment products, vigorous agitation , and steam vacuum suction to get down into the base of your carpet and get it clean.

The problem with conventional methods of deep cleaning carpets is that they involve using lots of water. Carpet shampooers and regular steam cleaners shoot water down to the bottom of the carpet, pushing the dirt down even farther in the process. The carpet and the pad get soaked, but most of the dirt does not actually get removed. For every bit of dirt that you see in the waste water of a carpet shampooer, there is more dirt below the surface of the carpet that the machine was not able to remove.

After a regular shampooing the carpet is soaking wet. And as it dries, the dirt deep down in the carpet often rises back up to the surface via capillary action in the fibers, so the spots come right back.

With both Hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods we capture and collect all the dirt up from the bottom of the carpet without soaking it or forcing the dirt down to the bottom. Even if your carpet has seen very heavy wear, we can restore it. Give Steam Pros a call today for your carpet cleaning appointment in Rocklin, Roseville, or Greater Sacramento, CA!

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