Dry Extract Carpet Cleaning

Dry extract is the method of carpet cleaning we use. We use the minimal amount of moisture possible to clean your carpets, instead relying primarily on heat to loosen all the gunk up and get your carpets clean. We also use pretreating products to remove stubborn stains and loosen products prior to using our steam extraction equipment to scrub your carpets clean.

Why do we use dry extract cleaning instead of conventional steam cleaning or shampooing? We do it for your health and for the longevity of your carpets. High water use methods such as traditional steam cleaning and carpet shampooing force a lot of water down into the carpet. Along with the water, a lot of dirt goes down into the base off the carpet and into the pad, where it basically never comes back out. When you are done having your carpets shampooed or steam cleaned, they are often soaking wet and take hours or even days to dry.

When this happens, the dirty water at the bottom of your carpet creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The carpet didn’t get clean; it was just the top layer that got rinsed, and the base of the carpet is now basically a festering swamp. It’s no wonder the air quality indoors is often so bad, no matter how clean we try to keep our houses. In addition, the carpet quickly gets spots on it again since the dirt was still left at the bottom. As the carpet dries, the fibers pull the dirt back up to the surface via capillary action.

With dry extract carpet cleaning, we clean your carpet with specialized dry extract steam cleaners which use as little moisture as possible. The rotary brushes agitate the carpet with a powerful 70 strokes per second, thoroughly loosening and extracting all dirt. Then, after we have finished cleaning the carpet, we use a carpet rake to raise the pile and maximize air flow into the carpet. We finish by turning large air movers onto the carpet which dry the carpet quickly so that mildew and mold do not have time to form. By the time we leave, your carpet is dry to the touch and safe to walk on with clean rubber-soled shoes. There may be some residual moisture deeper down in the carpet still, so that a paper towel used to wipe the carpet will come up dry, but a paper towel that you step on will come up slightly damp.

We would love to show you just how well dry extract cleaning works. Give us a call today for your dry extract cleaning appointment in Rocklin, Roseville, or Greater Sacramento, CA!

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