Here are some of the most common questions people ask us at Steam Pros.

How much do you charge?

We offer competitive pricing for different packages ranging from “moving out” to “moving in”, these are usually priced by the square foot of open space carpet. Then there is “occupied homes” these are priced by the room since a big part of the carpet is occupied by larger heavy furniture. So if you have large furniture that you will not want us to move, or if you only want us to do high traffic areas, you will only be charged for the work we actually do. The price per square foot and room pricing varies on the service you want us to do. Just give us a call and we will give you an estimate.

Do you give free estimates?

Yep! We give approximate estimates over the phone, but we will need to come to your house to give you a precise estimate.

Are your cleaners environmentally friendly?

Yes they are. We prefer to use eco friendly cleaners whenever possible. Sometimes a less environmentally friendly cleaner would do a better job on a particular task. When this is the case, we will always tell you what is going on and give you the option about which cleaner you would prefer for us to use.

What services do you offer?

Steam Pros offers a full range of floor cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, deep soil cleaning, dry extract cleaning, pet urine removal, pet odor removal, flood water cleaning and extraction, commercial carpet cleaning, commercial floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Do you clean leather?

No, we don’t clean leather.

Does it cost extra to pretreat carpet or to do a very heavily soiled area?

No. When we clean your carpet, we get it clean, whatever that takes. We don’t do things halfway and then risk leaving you with stains still in your carpet. The price we quote you is the price you will pay. However, we do charge extra to remove pet urine because of the specialized products and procedures that are necessary.

Why does it cost more to remove pet urine?

It has to do with how urine acts on a molecular level. Urine is very sticky and bonds strongly with fibers. You can’t get it up with just a regular carpet cleaner. We have to use specialized urine removal products and chemicals to loosen the bonds with the carpet fibers. Then we have to check to see how deeply the urine is soaked in. We may need to pull up a part of the carpet to be able to treat it from the bottom, if the urine is soaked into the carpet pad. Other carpet cleaners might just go over the urine with a carpet cleaner that is heavily perfumed so that you can’t smell it anymore, but we actually remove the urine from the carpet so that the smell will not come back. The special products and additional labor required to remove urine are the reason we charge separately for urine removal.

Do you use 100% green products?

Almost, but no. About 98% of the cleaning agents we use are green and environmentally friendly. However, there are some jobs that can best be done with a cleaning product that is not green, and there is no equivalent environmentally friendly product on the market. If we come across such a situation cleaning your carpet or floor, we will let you know what is going on and give you the option for which product you want us to use. We are also constantly watching new green product releases so that we can be on the cutting edge when an effective eco friendly alternative for any of these products comes out.

Can you get Kool-Aid out?

Maybe. There are two kinds of stains that get on carpets: dye-based stains and non-dye based stains. Kool-Aid is a dye-based stain, which means it actually changes the color of the fibers of the carpet. Non-dye based stains coat the fibers and adhere strongly, but they can be removed from the fibers. This is why Kool-Aid is notorious for not coming out of carpet. However, there are different ways to treat dye-based stains, so all hope is not lost. Our technicians will need to inspect the actual stain and the carpet fibers it is bonded to, to determine the best treatment options for you.

How long will it take before my carpet is dry?

When we leave, the carpet dry time varies between 4-6 hours based on weather and type/style of carpet. This means that if you put your hand on it, it would feel dry. If you wiped it with a paper towel, the paper towel would be dry. However, there will still be a small amount of residual moisture deeper in the carpet, so if you were to stand on the paper towel, it would show some moisture. Your carpet will be safe to walk on with clean, rubber soled shoes as soon as we leave.

How long do I have to stay off my carpet after having it professionally cleaned?

Your carpet will be safe to walk on as soon as we leave. Make sure you are wearing clean, rubber-soled shoes or you may accidentally leave marks on your newly cleaned carpet. We also leave everyone in hour household with their own shoe covers. The children love these!!

Do you clean and seal shower tile?

Yes we do. That is one of our most popular services. We can also clean and seal almost all tile surfaces, from floors to backsplashes.

Can you repair my grout?

At this time we do not lay or repair grout. If your grout needs to be repaired, we can refer you to a grout specialist.

Will you come over on the weekend? I work all week and can’t make an appointment.

We are happy to make regular Saturday appointments. We are available on Sundays and evenings for emergency calls only.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

This depends on how booked we are, of course. If you are not picky about when we show up, we can often get to you within two or three days. If you need a particular appointment time, it is best to book about a week in advance. Morning appointments fill up especially quickly.

Will you move my furniture?

We move all light and medium sized furniture. We do not move bedroom sets, entertainment centers, or furniture that is similarly large and heavy.

Does it cost extra to have you move my furniture?

No, we move light furniture as part of our service.

Do you do commercial cleaning?

At Steam Pros, we do commercial carpet and tile cleaning. We can set up regular cleaning depending on how heavy the traffic is and how frequently it needs to be cleaned.

Where are you located?

We serve the Greater Sacramento area, including Rocklin and Roseville, CA.

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