Pet Urine and Pet Odor Removal Cleaning

Did you know that 70% of American homes have a dog or a cat? We love our pets, but sometimes they have accidents. And pet urine can quickly become an overwhelming smell in your home.

Pet urine is also notoriously difficult to get up from the carpet. As it dries, it becomes very sticky. At a molecular level, it bonds with the carpet fibers in a way that is extraordinarily difficult to remove. This is why urine stains are so persistent, and why it seems like no matter how much you scrub the carpet, you can’t get the smell all the way out.

If you have pet urine smell in your home, it can be very embarrassing. You might be afraid to invite people over to your house because they will smell it as soon as they walk in the door. This is not a problem you can just ignore and hope no one notices.

Many cleaners that claim to deal with pet smells only cover up the smell. They put a perfume that is stronger on top of the urine, in hopes that you will only notice the perfume and not the urine. Of course, this does not work because it results in an even worse smell of urine plus perfume.

At Steam Pros, our first order of action is to find the contaminated areas. This is best done with an ultraviolet light. We locate the effected areas mark them and then we get to work. We pretreat the areas with a powerful counteractant that successfully removes pet urine odors as well as other protein odors, and bio-enzyme odor digesters and odor encapsulates. We then thoroughly extract it to remove the sticky urine from the carpet fibers. If the urine has soaked into the carpet pad, we have specialty tools to extract those stains and odors starting from the foundation or subfloor through the pad and out of the carpet.

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